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Our Education Agenda

Education for All

Education is the catalyst for social transformation and the greatest equaliser in the history of modern society.

Therefore, access to education must be equal, equitable and inclusive for everyone. A comprehensive approach to education by going beyond academics is crucial to better prepare children and youth for the future.

RYTHM weaves a holistic approach to teaching and learning to equip our young beneficiaries with the tools to analyse their challenges and rise above their limitations to fulfill their potential. All our initiatives place emphasis on academics, capacity building, vocational and skills training, as well as other areas of personal development including emotional intelligence, soft skills and much more.

Over the years, the Foundation has invested in various projects providing education access for some of the most underserved communities worldwide. These have included extending crucial support to preschools battling the pandemic, establishing elementary schooling for indigenous children, and educating children with special needs. We are committed to using education as a vehicle for community development and growth.

Taarana School

Unlocking every child’s potential

Taarana School is a centre for children with special education needs (SEN). Meaning ‘Awakening’ in Sanskrit, Taarana addresses the urgent need for resources and support for children with special learning needs and their families.


Why Choose Taarana

Taarana offers a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all students. Learning and skills development are personalised, ensuring that each child fulfils their potential. In addition:

It is a one-stop centre for special needs
Customised education and therapy plans
Presents needs-based scholarships

“Education is the great equalizer of our time. It gives hope to the hopeless and creates chances for those without.”

Kofi Annan

Our Education Initiatives

The time is now for education to be the catalyst for social transformation.

Learning through Sports with ANOPA
Facilitating learning & social empowerment for hundreds of visually- & hearing-disabled children in Ghana through innovative teaching methods involving sports to help reduce delinquency, truancy & improve school retention.
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Education for Nepal’s Indigenous with NAFAN
Creating conducive learning conditions to engage, educate & empower Nepalese children & their parents through a sustainable education programme in collaboration with the local government & organisations.
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A Makeshift School for the Bateq Tribe with ECOMY
‘Sekulah Bateq’ (Bateq School) seeks to address the education gaps & help the underserved indigenous tribe in rural Pahang, Malaysia to overcome barriers to education, starting with classes for preschoolers and lower primary pupils.
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Life Skills and Other Support for Youth Boys with MYKITA
Supporting male students aged 13-15 from Selangor, Malaysia as they transition to adolescence by providing academic support, fundamental life skills & vocational training such electrical work, farming & more to enable them to tap into their potential.
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Capacity Building for Tamil Preschool Teachers with PPIGM
Ensuring equal access to quality education for vernacular students from 15 Tamil pre-schools in Perak & Selangor Malaysia through a salary grant & capacity building for teachers to empower them to be effective educators by adding to their skillset.
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Social Transformation Through Football under JAGUH
Jaguh RF aims to produce youths capable of navigating their lives & making better educational & career choices with autonomy through holistic development that focuses on football skills training, character development & academic guidance.
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Sports-Based Social Intervention for Youth with ASA Foundation
An award-winning initiative that empowered teachers to deliver an effective sports-based education development & empowerment programme to 10,000 vulnerable youth across Indonesia with a focus on life skills, health education & social inclusion.
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Access to Education Resources for Stateless students with DHRRA
A collaboration to enroll undocumented children in school by providing financial aid for levy fees, textbooks & educational provisions such as school bags & shoes as well as establishing a textbook lending library for these marginalised students in Malaysia.
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Skills Training to ‘Impact’ Youth Boys with MySkills
Training a group of 16–18-year-old at-risk boys from disadvantaged families with vocational skills in areas such as electrical wiring, maintenance and other fundamental life skills to enable them to transition to stable employment upon graduation.
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