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Our Empowerment Agenda


Empowering Lives
& Transforming Communities

RYTHM joins forces with partners in many developing countries to work at the grassroots level to upscale rural communities’ social and economic status and disadvantaged segments of society such as vulnerable women, indigenous and other marginalised communities.

Projects have ranged from building infrastructure for better living conditions to holistic capacity-building initiatives to improve social, economic, and environmental conditions across all levels of these societies. Ultimately, our goal is to empower lives and transform underserved communities.

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Women’s Empowerment

The measure of a progressive society is when men and women enjoy equal rights across all levels. Gender equality is a fundamental human right, and its achievement has immense socioeconomic implications.

RYTHM works toward unshackling disadvantaged young girls and women from the chains of gender inequality and poverty to gain agency over their own lives. We hope to empower them to become independent through sustainable livelihoods, so that they can speak up and contribute to challenging entrenched narratives that defy gender equality.

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Community Development

Community development is essential for laying the foundation to improve the lives of global citizens. All over the world, collective action is urgently needed to generate solutions to the world’s most pressing social and economic problems.

RYTHM proactively engages and works with communities around us to identify their challenges and meet their needs for socioeconomic growth and progress. We believe that with equal and equitable access to resources, underserved communities can achieve greater heights and build a sustainable legacy for their future generations.

Maharani Programme

Educate a Girl, Change the World

Throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations. It is important for us to ensure that our girls are empowered to grow into confident, strong young women who become a formidable force for good.

Since its inception in 2010, the award-winning Maharani Programme has helped over 8,000 teenage girls from poor and underserved communities in Malaysia to navigate the challenges and vulnerabilities of adolescence through its various facets. Through the programme, the girls learn about gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, ethnicity and culture, and the importance of physical and spiritual wellness, giving them the tools to fulfill their potential.

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Maharani School Programme (MSP)

A curated curriculum in collaboration with Pintar Foundation to guide girls in selected national Malaysian schools towards setting their life goals and shaping their future.

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Maharani Learning Lab (MLL)

We provide a safe space for deserving girls to learn about social dynamics, equality, and empowerment to become confident and strong women. MLL 2.0 Coming soon!

Women's Empowerment Initiatives

Our Women’s Empowerment Initiatives

Safer Cities and Communities for Girls with Plan International
Empowering girls and other youth in the Gautampuri area of Southern Delhi to engage relevant parties and decision-makers to make their city and communities safe, inclusive, and accountable.
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Building Livelihood Potential for Rural Girls with Mann Deshi Foundation
A youth and women’s development programme training girls from rural Maharashtra to achieve financial independence and secure jobs in the civil service and sports-related professions.
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Capacity Building for Girls and Women in Thailand with ASA Foundation
Promoting community-driven livelihood interventions that train women and girls in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, decision-making, and leadership through sports in education to drive social change in underserved communities.
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Economic Empowerment of Women Through Microenterprises with Parinaama
Aiding marginalised communities in the eastern Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha through grassroots development initiatives that empower women to improve their standard of living.
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Entrepreneurial Skills to End Poverty in Sri Lanka with Sarvodaya
Empowering economically challenged women in Jaffna and Kilinochchi with entrepreneurial, leadership & small business management skills as well as skill building courses to enable them to overcome poverty & build sustainable livelihoods.
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Empowering Villagers Through the Women in Small Enterprises Scheme (WISE)
Equipping rural women in three Sabah villages with fundamental entrepreneurial skills to better manage and improve their micro-enterprises in cultivating and marketing crops and sundry shop operations.
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Women’s Empowerment

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How We’re Empowering Women

“In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.

Marianne Williamson

Community Development Initiatives

Our Community Development Initiatives

Reconstructing Sri Lankan Lives with LEADS
Helping low-income & displaced families reconstruct their lives after the Sri Lankan civil war by aiding them to secure shelter and rebuild their lives while raising awareness about child protection.
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Adopting Sabah’s Indigenous with Good Shepherd Services
Uplifting the indigenous in Sabah, Malaysia through a Community Adoption Programme with a holistic framework that provides preschool & academic support, youth development, women’s empowerment and social entrepreneurship skills .
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Support for Malaysia’s Urban Poor with MyPJ
Enhancing the livelihood of hundreds of underserved & low-income urban residents of the Desa Mentari flats in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia through sports programmes for youths & community kitchens amongst other community engagement activities.
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Advocating for Inclusion in Kandy with WDC
Support and awareness for people with special needs and their families through a community-based rehabilitation programme with personalised services to foster a sense of social inclusion within the communities in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
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Clean Water for Rural Tanzanians with WFA
Bringing clean water to locals through the installation of water wells in villages and setting them up with employment opportunities through the farming of avocados and macadamia nuts which funds the maintenance of the water sources.
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Supporting Social Entrepreneurs with MSDS
A project creating an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship and accelerating social citizenry in Uttarakhand and Chennai, India by nurturing the social entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in environmental as well as human rights issues.
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Community Development

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