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Our Environment Agenda


for People & Planet

According to the United Nations, the world’s population could reach 10 billion by 2050. However, human activity is stretching the earth’s resources while exacerbating global biodiversity loss and climate change threats. Our planet may not survive the next 30 years if we don’t start making sustainable choices.

RYTHM is committed to advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in every way possible, as it strives to reinforce the QI Group’s aspirations and responsibility to maintain the balance between our growing societies and the environment.

Pillars of Sustainability

Our goal is to positively impact the lives of the people and communities around us, and we do this by integrating sustainability into our every move.

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Educating PEOPLE

We are committed to uplifting one person at a time to unlock and achieve their potential to build better lives for themselves.

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We believe that as communities thrive, so does the world. Therefore, we focus on underserved communities’ sustainable development and long-term growth.

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Safeguarding the ENVIRONMENT

As global citizens, we have a responsibility to the planet to adopt better practices that sustain its limited resources for future generations.

Responsible Living

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Beyond driving awareness, the QI Group has actively integrated sustainable practices and policies in all their global offices to help reduce its environmental impact. We believe in fulfilling our responsibility to Mother Earth by playing an active role in the cycle of life and making conscious decisions.



Animal agriculture severely strains many of the Earth’s finite land, water and energy resources.

The livestock industry is the world’s largest user of natural resources, and it generates more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation industry! 

We believe that going meat-free and embracing a plant-based economy is one of the most important steps we can take to help mitigate the harmful effects of the meat industry on the environment and help rehabilitate our planet. All QI Group offices and events have a meat-free policy as a conscious effort towards the sustainability of our planet and mankind.  


The QI Group has banned single-use plastic in our offices, events, and conventions. In addition, employees are actively encouraged to follow sustainable practices by eliminating plastic from their lifestyle and reusing and recycling more. The Group is also working towards improving our product packaging by switching to sustainable materials. But what happens to the harmful plastics we discard? What can we do to help? This video shows us the way.


Environment Initiatives

We all are responsible for looking for ways to live better.

Energy Access in the Himalayas with GHE
Bringing solar electricity to remote off-the-grid tribal communities in North India and upgrading the healthcare infrastructure in the region to sustainably improve the living conditions of the community.
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Eco-Friendly Housing for Sri Lankans with LEADS
A social enterprise project that manufactures eco-friendly Compressed Stabilised Earth Bricks (CSEB) as a sustainable alternative building material to cement blocks to provide shelter and create job opportunities for communities in Mullaithivu.
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Sabah’s Youth Venture into Eco-Tourism with GSS
Youth Connect Circle (YCC) initiative. Twelve youths participated in initial personal development and entrepreneurial skills courses. Their primary task involved identifying a viable eco-tourism idea in their respective villages. The participants also received guidance on preparing their business proposals and structuring their ventures.
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Reforestation in the Himalayas of India with MSDS
Through a partnership with Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhini (MSDS), RYTHM Foundation funds Sheeba under the Sadguru Gnanananda Fellowship. The fellowship is offered to young citizens who are socially conscious and work with people in rural areas or marginalised groups.
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“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

—Wendell Berry

Employee Volunteering

Giving Back to Mother Earth

As the social impact arm of the QI Group, RYTHM Foundation also actively supports the Group employees in their social responsibility activities to fulfil their desire to give back to communities. Since initiating the volunteer programme in 2013, QI’s employees have dedicated over 100,000 hours to volunteerism in more than 20 countries.

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