Flagship Programme: Taarana - RYTHM Foundation

Above and Beyond Expectations

Education For All

RYTHM Foundation is an advocate for an inclusive educational environment that allows children of all abilities, equal access to quality education. Taarana was established in Malaysia in 2011 when the Foundation identified a dire need for resources and support for children with special learning needs, and their families. Through our work with Taarana, we hope not just to raise awareness about the importance of special needs education, but also help change attitudes and practices associated with special children. RYTHM Foundation is proud to contribute to UN SDG 4 that strives to provide every child with equal access and opportunity to knowledge and learning to unlock their potential.

Our Mission

We believe that every child can achieve his/her potential. Taarana helps them to develop adequate skills and gain confidence to face immediate and future needs. We believe in social integration for children with special learning needs. Taarana supports the advocacy for rights and inclusiveness of children with special learning needs and provides them with the ability to lead independent lives.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To provide special education with a holistic approach
  • To nurture students in a safe and conducive environment
  • To enhance students’ learning process through specially designed activities that are fun and meaningful
  • To provide support, encouragement, information, counselling, and resource facilities to students’ family members and care givers
  • To support parents in their advocacy for the rights of children with special learning needs

Our Components and Policies

Facilities & Activities

“Taarana’s facilities provide the perfect atmosphere for learning as well as for relaxation, exercise, self-improvement and self-discipline. It is adequate and suitable for children with special educational needs as it gives them a conducive environment to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

One example of this is the playing of Mind Training Music throughout the two sessions to fill the mind with self-affirming and positive thoughts. Taarana has an occupational therapy room equipped with vestibular unit, well- equipped classrooms, an interactive smart board as well as an outdoor field and playground. The school is also complete with high security including a guard and CCTV.”

Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Sensory Camp
Sports Day
Field Trips and Outdoor Activities
Well balanced nutritious vegetarian lunch
Multiple Intelligence and Creative Arts – followed by Annual Concert
Social Skills Camp – followed by TAARANA Family Day