QI Malaysia Volunteered In Braillethon To Help The Visually Impaired

QI Malaysia Volunteered In Braillethon To Help The Visually Impaired

It was a meaningful Staff Social Responsibility (SSR) activity for QI Malaysia employees who participated in a Braillethon session at the KL Braille Resources Centre in Sentul on 17 August 2019. This activity was meant to help increase Braille reading materials for the visually impaired in Malaysia.

Braillethon is an activity that is powered by volunteers who help to translate books or documents from normal printed text to Braille, following a format set by the KL Resources Centre.

Volunteers from QI Malaysia gathered on a Saturday morning at the Centre and participated in the Braillethon activity earnestly for 3 hours, doing their part in helping to provide equal education opportunities for the visually impaired.

A volunteer from the activity, Nadiyah Liyana said it was a fulfilling experience as it feels like a simple yet effective way to help members of the society who are visually impaired. The activity was also effective at creating awareness on challenges faced by the visually impaired among the general public.

“I strongly encourage everyone to participate in such activities to help promote independence for this group in our society and also help change public’s perception of the visually impaired,” she said.

The KL Braille Resources Centre was founded in 2004 to improve the literacy rate among people with disabilities, particularly those who are visually challenged. Additionally, they also strive to raise public awareness on the issues surrounding special needs education.