Gift of Life - RYTHM Foundation

Above and Beyond Gratitute

The inherent message of Gift of Life is that life is truly a gift.

– Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran 

Life is a gift. Therefore, we must live it in gratitude and pay it forward. 

To the QI Group Founder and Executive Chairman, Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and RYTHM Foundation Chairperson, Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, such gratefulness inspires kindness, connection, and transformative life changes.  

With the concept of giving back to society as a cornerstone of their personal and professional lives reflected through various efforts, an endeavour especially close to their hearts is the Gift of Life initiative. 

What started as personal contributions to worthy causes and deserving individuals to mark the couple’s birthdays and anniversaries, is now a heartwarming aspect of the culture within the QI Group and RYTHM Foundation. Family, friends, colleagues and employees have embraced the concept of giving the Gift of Life in lieu of presents to mark special occasions meaningfully.  

The Gift of Life initiative has evolved over the years since its inception and expanded to support marginalised individuals, groups, and communities in urban and rural areas – including indigenous groups, flood survivors, orphanages, welfare institutions and special needs learners amongst others – and we hope to keep spreading the word!

Without compassion, love, kindness and empathy, an individual is nothing. Many are in need, so give them the Gift of Life.

– Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran

Do you know of a cause or a community that could benefit from social aid?

Are you a manager of a non-profit seeking support?

If you answered ‘YES’ to either of these questions, then we’d like to hear from you!

The Gift of Life Initiative aims to celebrate life meaningfully by giving back to people and communities in need. Each month, RYTHM Foundation identifies a worthy cause, conducts due diligence on it and recommends it as a beneficiary of the Gift of Life initiative. We then ensure the disbursement of funds and monitor its progress.

Your initiative must fall under one or more of the RYTHM Foundation’s focus areas: 
education for all, gender equality and/or sustainable community development.

RYTHM Foundation is currently accepting proposals from individuals, schools, charitable homes, sports centres, and learning institutions which are facing difficulties in carrying out their activities or initiatives to empower and uplift communities. This includes the need for small scale infrastructure changes, equipment, furniture, stationery, teaching and learning materials, etc.

Terms & Conditions
1. Your organisation must be able to cover at least 30% of the initial cost incurred, which will be           reimbursed by the Foundation upon submission of the final report and photos.

2. Able to produce a well-written proposal using the template provided either in English or Bahasa Melayu, complete with the following details:
• Full address of the location of the schools/homes/institutions/students
• Photographs of current condition, i.e., equipment/furniture in classrooms/repairs
• All details about the schools/homes/institutions/students
• A detailed budget breakdown for the request made
• All other required details.

3. Upon approval, successful candidates will be contacted via email. The decision of the selection committee is final.

4. Representatives of RYTHM Foundation will conduct due diligence visits to ensure the project viability and monitoring visits to ensure the smooth execution of the project according to the proposal.

5. The execution of the project must be in full compliance with the specifications in the proposal.

6. Once the project timeline has ended, candidates are required to submit the following:
• A project completion report
• High-resolution photos
• Videos
• Payment receipts

Duration for Sending in Proposal: January – August 2022 

Write to us at [email protected] and give us all the details, including your full name, name of organization and contact details for our consideration.