Gift of Life - RYTHM Foundation

Above and Beyond Gratitute

When the Lord has blessed you with everything you’ll ever need, the only way to repay Him is by providing for others who aren’t as lucky as you.
– Vijay and Umayal Eswaran

What started many years ago by Vijay and Umayal Eswaran as a personal initiative has taken on a new life, in the form of the Gift of Life programme. To mark their birthdays and anniversaries, the Eswarans would make a donation to support a worthy cause or help out someone in need. Over the years, this practice was extended to mark the birthdays and anniversaries of their friends and families.

Over a decade later, RYTHM Foundation has formalised this into the Gift of Life initiative that supports a wide range of marginalised individuals, groups and communities. Through this initiative, RYTHM Foundation has reached a number of schools in remote and rural areas, orphanages and welfare institutions in Malaysia. The initiative has also helped talented individual students in need of financial assistance to pursue higher education.

Each month, the Foundation identifies a worthy cause, conducts due diligence on it and recommends it to be a beneficiary of the Gift of Life Programme. The Foundation then further helps with disbursement of funds and monitors progress.

If you are aware of a cause or manage an organisation that may benefit from the Gift of Life Programme, we will be pleased to get in touch with you. Kindly write to [email protected] providing your full name, name of organisation and contact details for our consideration.

Who should apply:

1. Individual who needs support to uplift their life in the field of education.
2. Schools, organisation and communities located in rural areas requiring funds to upgrade conditions that are affecting progress in their respective areas.

Terms and Conditions:


1. Shortlisted candidates will be provided with a proposal template which has to be completed and submitted with all required supporting documents.
2. Successful applicants must be able to initially cover 30% of the total cost which will be reimbursed after project completion.
3. Upon approval, successful candidates will be contacted via email. The decision of the selection committee is final.
4. Upon completion of the project, the applicant is required to submit:
    • Project completion report 
    • High resolution pictures 
    • Videos
    • Receipts of payment
    • Other documents required by RYTHM Foundation. 
5. Representative from RYTHM Foundation will conduct due diligence visit to ensure project is viable and monitoring visits to ensure project executed according to proposal.
6. Execution of project must be in full compliance with the specifications in the proposal.