Bringing happiness to Baan Siri Wattanathum old age home

Bringing happiness to Baan Siri Wattanathum old age home

Bangkok, August 20 – In a heart-warming corporate social responsibility activity themed ‘Happiness Forward’, QI Thailand staff kept their weekend free to help out at the Baan Siri Wattanathum old age home.

A total of 40 staff had the opportunity to uphold the core pillar of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) at the home, run by an altruistic individual, Glaa Siriwattanatum, a chef at a high end restaurant in Hong Kong, who gave up his career to care for neglected old folks in his homeland.

Glaa’s noble effort came about after his father fell ill and was hospitalised in a centre which also housed many old folks who were neglected by their families. Glaa and his father later turned their home into an old age home. He started 17 years ago, adopting 10 elders from the same hospital where his father was once hospitalised and today cares for over 37 elders, some bedridden and who rely fully on their caregivers.

QI staff brought and fed the residents lunch, while spending quality time chatting, listening to their stories and putting a smile on their faces. Staff also prepared liquid food and fed some of the elders, under the supervision of the caregivers.

Moved by the challenges faced by the home, that was without government assistance and was surviving solely on kindness of its well-wishers, QI staff also donated cash and some basic necessities to the home, to ease day to day operations.

Staff then headed on to a second mission, dedicated to Mother Nature, to create awareness among the public to say ‘no’ to plastic bags at the Amphawa Floating Market.

Staff spent the afternoon distributing eco-friendly QNET bags at the market, to be used as reusable shopping bags.