A green mission by QI Philippines

A green mission by QI Philippines

Philippines, 27 October – QI Philippines staff joined hands with Pasig Municipal Hall to make the city greener, in a tree planting activity at Rainforest, Pasig City.

A total of 34 staff and 10 volunteers from the municipal hall planted 106 trees, in an effort to leave a greener environment for the future generation.

The corporate social responsibility activity saw several stretches of sidewalks beautified with caballero saplings.

The Caballero tree, known as the ‘fire tree’ for its bright orange flowers, was picked as it can thrive in the warm, sunny climate.

One of the QI staff Elisa Tan said the tree planting project was a fun activity that inspired her to do the same at home and brought up the idea of recycling plastics containers as pots.

Another staff Andi Wilson said the project was very fulfilling as it made him think of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

According to another staff Mayette Dela Cruz, the activity doubled as an awareness campaign; she said it was an eye opener and encouraged her to reduce usage of plastic bags and bottles in her daily life.




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