RYTHM Libraries For Ladakh Schools

RYTHM Libraries For Ladakh Schools

Sadly enough, children in most schools in Ladakh, India have very limited access to reading material as their lives are typically limited to the remote, mountainous terrain in which they live. To alleviate the situation, QNET will support the Avalokitesvara Trust’s work in Ladakh as part of its ongoing CSR initiatives in India through its CSR arm, RYTHM Foundation, establishing RYTHM Libraries in 15 rural schools in Ladakh.

The Avalokitesvara Trust strives to nurture and educate children in isolated villages of Ladakh, including those on the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-China borders. With the establishment of the RYTHM libraries, QNET and Avalokitesvara Trust aim to empower these children with the gift of learning by providing access to essential learning materials. The project will see the installation of libraries and spaces for effective learning in existing private, government, and monastic schools.


Children from Youl Turtuk Govt. Primary School excited with their books.

Some of the key initiatives under the project are sourcing and collecting books for the libraries, designing, installing and furnishing reading spaces in schools, conducting learning modules, providing children with games, toys, sports equipment, art and stationery supplies, medical camps, sponsorship of individual children including tuition fees and empowering Ladakhi teachers with educational resources, teaching aids and training opportunities.

Suresh Thimiri, CEO of QNET India says, ‘’A key pillar of the RYTHM Foundation is education. There are a number of initiatives all over the country to promote education and learning, but very little reach the remote areas of Ladakh.”

According to him, “We would like to help ease that burden in some small way and support their thirst for knowledge through the RYTHM libraries.”


Children from Diskit Monastary using the opportunity to read.

Abhigya Shukla, founder of Avalokitesvara Trust, says, “We are grateful to QNET’s RYTHM Foundation for this support. The project hopes to see children in the rural schools of Ladakh enhancing their learning experience and imagination through the activities and opportunities provided by these libraries. We have already started to reach out to Changtang, an especially remote and deprived area of Ladakh, and hope to extend our work to similarly needy parts of Zanskar and Kargil district in coming years.”


New books and learning materials for the children – Samsthanling Monastary.

The RYTHM Foundation will continue its efforts in the pursuit of education for such needy children around the world loosening them from the grip of poverty and enabling them to become caring, responsible and self-reliant individuals.

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