Lil’ Computer Whiz Kids!

Lil’ Computer Whiz Kids!

Mumbai, 13 September, 2013 – “The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before”- Bill Gates

Plato was afraid that the written word would make people forgetful. Today, parents are concerned that too much time in front of a computer screen will stunt their children’s growth, maturity and social development.

Fret no more, because with today’s advanced technology, kids have a world of knowledge at their fingertips and it’s all rolled into one high tech gizmo.  This method of learning can be a lot more motivating and challenging than being cooped up in a classroom. With that being said, how do we expect kids to become “PC Whizzes” overnight without any basic knowledge?

Which was why, on September 13, our Vanamala staff in India went to Govandi, Mumbai to conduct a basic computer lesson for the kids of Bombay Municipal Corporation School. They taught them how to open and save a file; how to use Microsoft Word; how to send and receive emails and some other simple educational exercises. This was just to make these children more comfortable around computers and not fear the unknown.

These young ones were quick learners and they asked some very smart questions at the end of the session. Fortunately, our staffs were able to satisfy these curious minds with the right answers! The programme ended with an early Christmas treat for the kids, and they went home with some really cool gifts.