Mangrove Reforestation in Semarang

Mangrove Reforestation in Semarang

Semarang, Indonesia, 7 October 2011 – Mangrove degradation is a serious issue that impacts the environment, as well as the surrounding community. The degradation of a shoreline affects the livelihoods of farmers and fishermen. Some of the causes include coastal erosion and climate change.


3,000 mangrove seedlings ready to be planted.

That day, a total of 3,000 shoots of the rhizophora mucronata tree, also known as the mangrove were planted. QNet employees were accompanied by the Chairman of the Biota Foundation, Mr. Abdul Aziz. The Biota Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Semarang that deals in the preservation of the coastal environment.


QNet staff had fun getting their hands dirty to show “We Care”.

Showing that “We Care” for the environment is a reflection of QNet’s CSR theme this year. The majority of staff said they were glad to be part of the reforestation activity, as every bit can help to Make A Difference. The employees hoped that these initiatives will create further awareness of the importance of preserving these coastal areas and its precious plant species.