QNet Birthday Boy Celebrates with Kids from Home

QNet Birthday Boy Celebrates with Kids from Home

Surabaya (Indonesia), 15 October 2011 – Rudi Gunawan, a janitor who has worked at QNet Indonesia since 2004, recently celebrated his birthday with the kids of Yayasan Yatim Piatu Rif’atus Shohilah. Other staff in Indonesia also joined in the joyous occasion, bringing gifts of groceries, smiles and laughter to the children’s home.

Rudi and the other QNet employees were all given a warm welcome by the little ones and the caretakers. The day was spent getting to know the children, who come from Surabaya and surrounding towns, such as Tuban and Blitar.


Birthday boy Rudi with other staff and the kids.

To thank the visitors and share more information about the home, the chairman of Rif’atus Shohilah gave a small speech. Located in Ketintang, Rif’atus Shohilah was founded by a group of men in 1990. Their charitable efforts began when they raised money for a child suffering from hernia, as his family could not afford to pay for the surgery.

This led them to start their own foundation, which now runs homes in Sidoarjo and Jombang. On top of providing shelter for the children, the foundation also helps the elderly and underprivileged families.


Handing out groceries.

Although the kids of Rif’atus Shohilah enjoy few materialistic pleasures, they still seem happy, optimistic and full of life. They have even formed their own musical group and actively participate in competitions.

“I was touched by the amazing outlook and attitude of the children. I’m so glad that I could spend my birthday with them and share the joy,” said Rudi at the end of the day. Kind-hearted Rudi happens to be the only male at the QNet Surabaya office, so he is affectionately looked upon as a sort of guardian to the three female Network Support Officers also working there.

What is inspiring about Rudi is that he is currently studying Management at Bhayangkara University. “I like to improve myself in many fields,” explained Rudi. “I need to expand my horizons to make a better living.”