RYTHM Foundation Brings the Worldreader e-Reading Programme to Rural Communities in Ghana

RYTHM Foundation Brings the Worldreader e-Reading Programme to Rural Communities in Ghana

RYHTM Foundation recently partnered with Worldreader to sponsor an e-reading programme for the Wechiau Community Library (WCL) in Wa West District, Ghana. With the introduction of digital content and technology to the library, it is hoped that the programme will improve educational outcomes and inculcate reading habits among children in the Wechiau community.

Worldreader is a global non-profit organisation that focuses on expanding literacy in the developing world through affordable digital solutions such as e-readers and mobile phones. It works with device manufacturers, local and international publishers, government agencies, education officials, and local communities in its mission to create a world where everyone is a reader.

In order to kick start the programme, a 3-day workshop was held to train WCL staff and volunteers on the functions of e-reader devices and how they may be creatively used in reading and teaching activities. In addition, there was also a discussion on implementation issues and corresponding policies that would be practical in ensuring a successful and sustainable programme.

Following that, the programme was launched at the Wechiau District Assembly Conference Hall during which, 35 units of e-reader devices were presented to WCL. The launch, which was officiated by Wa West District Director of Education, Madam Catherine Banka, was also attended by Wechiau project managers, head teachers of surrounding schools, parents and students.

WCL founder, Frank Akowuge Dugasseh, commented that the e-reading programme had brought the library closer to accomplishing its goal to offer children in rural communities unfettered access to learning resources.