Idul Fitri cheer to under-privileged in Indonesia

Idul Fitri cheer to under-privileged in Indonesia

Indonesia, 15 August 2012 – It was a remarkable day for 50 children from the Al-Andalusia Foundation, an Islamic orphanage in Jakarta as QNET Indonesia gave them a special treat of food, fun and games as part of a breaking of fast event, in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan.


The children of Al-Andalusia Foundation expressing their joy.

The children took part in lots of games and even a drawing competition. A storyteller was also present, who shared with them the message of how to live as morally upright members of society.


Children engrossed in the drawing competition.

Thorugh this event, which was carried out under the QNET Pays Forward (QNPF) initiative, RYTHM Foundation had the opportunity to continue its mission to uplift under-privileged children in this region. Through endeavours such as this, and considering the four pillars of our Foundation – Education, Community Development, promotion of Art & Culture and preservation of the Environment, we hope to reach out even more to educate, inspire and work with others to create a brighter future for those in need.


Together, we are one – the children of Al-Andalusia.

“We believe we must first raise ourselves before we can help others. RYTHM is embodied in our philanthrophic initiatives, such as in education, environment, culture and charity,” said Wita Dahlan, QNET Indonesia’s Corporate Communications Manager.

“We have previously provided aid to tsunami victims in Aceh and Medan in North Sumatera, and earthquake victims in Yogyakarta, Central Jakarta and Padang in West Sumatera” said Wita.

“This apart, we have also given scholarships to 200 children of tsunami victims in Aceh and Medan for three consecutive years, and donated computers for schools in Acheh,” she said.

Additionally, Wita said QNET representatives went to Yogyakarta soon after the earthquake in 2006 to provide food, tents and home supplies to the victims there. They also provided aid to the Yogyakarta Government apart from building a kindergarten in Pandak Village, Pijenan.

In future, RYTHM Foundation, through its on-going efforts to help the under-privileged hopes to be able to uplift the lives of many more children who are in need and deserve kindness and respect.