RYTHM Foundation Rises to Battle Tsunami Devastation

RYTHM Foundation Rises to Battle Tsunami Devastation

Thailand, 4 November 2011 – Months have passed since the worst flood to hit Thailand swept over the central part of the country, causing more than 500 fatalities and overwhelming thousands of homes. Currently, half of the capital is recovering from having been underwater for so long. Commuting is a challenge, with the closing of more than 30 roads in the city and the surrounding areas. In many places, the water has become polluted and the stench makes the situation even more unbearable.


In this hour of need and true to the spirit of Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, RYTHM Foundation has risen to help the victims of the December 2004 Asian Tsunami in South India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Various relief initiatives have been implemented and donations and support have been provided to assist in what is one of the most devastating natural calamities in recent time.


QuestNet India is currently raising funds for those affected by the disaster through the QuestNet Relief Fund Rupee-for-Rupee Programme. For every rupee contributed by an Independent Representative or employee, QuestNet India will contribute an equal amount. Clothes, medicines and basic necessities are also being collected for donation to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s relief fund for aid operations.


QuestNet Indonesia is raising funds through donations from leaders and Independent Representatives around Indonesia to help those affected in the Banda Aceh area, a village nearest to the epicentre of the earthquake. The money raised will be handed over to a developmental organisation for rehabilitation work. RYTHM Foundation will also fund and support a long-term student scholarship programme within the region, to ensure the enormity of the Tsunami does not prevent students from receiving vital education.

Sri Lanka

In one of the countries most affected by the Tsunami, RYTHM Foundation is contributing to the relief operations by way of donations to start rehabilitation and rebuilding. An immediate cash donation of USD50,000 is being made to help kick-start relief projects. Another sizeable donation is being made towards medium-term plans for rebuilding. A longer-term commitment of USD1 million to support a rehabilitation programme is also being made.


Phuket and its surrounding areas in Thailand suffered a huge human loss, wiping out probably the largest number of tourists to the sea. With thousands of people still missing, QuestNet Thailand is currently accepting donations for the Tsunami Relief Fund. The office is also raising funds, clothes, medicines and other necessities through a special donation box in the office.