RYTHM Foundation Builds a Brighter Future for Disadvantaged Children in Thailand

RYTHM Foundation Builds a Brighter Future for Disadvantaged Children in Thailand

Thailand: 31 January 2009 – It is an unfortunate fact that approximately 12% of children in Thailand are disabled. Two decades ago, there was virtually no education or equipment for the physically and intellectually impaired or disabled.


Already this year, the Thailand branch of the ‘QuestNet Pays Forward’ initiative has made substantial donations to two schools for disadvantaged and disabled children. QuestNet employees have voluntarily given their own money and donated their own time to bring hope to the lives of some of Thailand’s most unfortunate children. The decision by QuestNet and RYTHM Foundation to donate to schools for disabled as well as disadvantaged children in Thailand was based on careful research. The first donation was made to the children of Baan Pang Da School; the school was chosen chiefly because of its lack of teaching and learning equipment.


With the supply of essential equipment and donations of equally needed money, the children of Baan Pang Da School were encouraged to take full advantage of these benefits that many of us take for granted. The donations included a television set, four computers and a DVD player – all of which are more than adequate for the 52 students in the school. Apart from offering teaching and learning tools, additional sporting equipment, such as badminton sets, a football and volleyball, was contributed to enhance the students’ extracurricular activities. In its second initiative for the year, QuestNet also ‘Paid Forward’ to help The Home for the Blind with Multiple Disabilities (one of the projects of the Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand), under the royal patronage of His Majesty the King.

The main purpose of the Christian Foundation is to create public awareness of the abilities of blind people to study, work and live just like other people in society if they are given a chance. The provision of food, basic necessities, money, play equipment, and perhaps most importantly, hope, was a very welcomed one, with joy apparent on the face of every child at the school and reflected also on the face of every QuestNet staff member involved.

The idea behind this activity was underpinned by the belief that children are the future of society. Therefore, QuestNet and RYTHM Foundation believe it is important to provide equal opportunities for the disadvantaged children by improving the quality of their life and education. One of the main commitments of the ‘QuestNet Pays Forward’ initiative is to enhance daily life, supported by RYTHM Foundation. This motto has always been woven into everything the company believes in and everything the company does: that the most sustainable development stems from the growth of the company together in harmony with its surrounding society.