This one’s for the children

This one’s for the children

Bangkok, 22 December 2012 – In the true spirit of joy and giving, staff of the QNET Bangkok Office spent the morning at the Baan Nok Kamin Foundation – a home and school for children who are orphans, homeless or from broken families in Thailand. This endeavour, in line with RYTHM Foundation’s pillar of community development, sought to uplift these under-privileged children in a positive and instrumental way.


Children in their brightly-coloured QNET shirts and caps

The children appeared to be cheerful and upbeat despite the many difficulties they face in their lives. The group of boys and girls aged three to 18 welcomed the QNET team with bright smiles and delight on their faces.


Looking good in orange!

To make the day even more memorable, each child was given a bright orange QNET cap and football T-shirt which they all wore with great excitement! In addition to the fun activities such as musical chairs and charades planned for the children, the staff of the Bangkok office also collected bags of rice, canned foods, toys, clothes and more to donate to the Baan Nok Kamin Foundation.


Happy and excited faces of staff and children.

The day ended with everyone enjoying a very special freshly cooked lunch of fried rice and eggs with coconut ice cream for dessert, organised by the QNET Bangkok staff.
In addition to spreading happiness and hope to under-privileged children through efforts such as this, the RYTHM Foundation seeks to empower these children and help them realise that they, too, are loved and not forgotten.