Spreading the love for elderly women

Spreading the love for elderly women

Bangkok, 2 February 2013 – It is a common saying that age is just a number and therefore should not be a barrier when it comes to spreading love and joy around. RYTHM Foundation firmly believes that the elderly play a vital role in the shaping of the community and consequently, the Foundation empathises with their needs and the unique challenges they face in everyday life.

To exemplify this, QI Services Thailand celebrated the Chinese New Year early by providing lunch and New Year gifts  as well as spending time with the elderly women at Mitra Parp Song-koh Foundation’s Elderly Women’s Home in Patumthani province.

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QI staff and the elderly women having a good time.

In the earlier week, the staff had donated various items for the charity auction which was held at the office to raise more funds. All proceeds were given to the elderly women’s home.

In light of Chinese New Year celebrations, all staff wore pink, red or Mandarin collar tops to create a fun and festive atmosphere. Around 60 elderly women gathered at the home’s main hall to welcome and greet the staff. The activities started with an inhaler-making workshop where the elderly were divided with 8-10 people to a group assisted by two to three QI staff.


The elderly women enjoying a meal.

When the workshop was complete, it was delightful to hear the staff and the elderly women taking turns in singing both Thai and Chinese songs. They were served Chinese tea and given gift bags that contained cookies, oranges and traditional Chinese red envelopes as gifts. The staff was very touched by the good wishes the elderly women gave them which were straight from the heart.

At the end of the day, the staff gathered in front of the home’s yard to plant some potted-seedlings, while the elderly watched and cheered them on. It was truly a day with cherished moments and good memories for all.


Group photo.

Falling under the RYTHM Foundation’s pillar of community development, this is one of the many causes that the Foundation will continue to support, which is to enrich and uplift the lives of the elderly.