Shining a light on Barangay Onse

Shining a light on Barangay Onse


QI staff learning to make Solar Bottle Bulbs.

San Juan City, Philippines, 5 May 2012 — Remember when QI staff in the Philippines lent a hand to A Liter of Light, the amazing programme run by MyShelter Foundation? It’s a project that aims to bring eco-friendly lighting to underprivileged communities across the Philippines.

Since then, the Foundation has successfully lit up participating homes in the Barangay Batis area. Seeing the difference that one can make in improving others’ lives, QI employees were more than happy to volunteer for QI’s second “We Care” initiative with the Foundation.


The Solar Bottle Bulb, a simple yet genius idea of
using everyday items to create a light source.

This time, the thirty volunteers gathered at a badminton court in Barangay Onse. The skies threatened to send down a torrent of rain, yet the enthusiastic staff soldiered on to install nine Solar Bottle Bulbs in seven houses.

Employees were then given a lesson in making the Solar Bottle Bulbs using common household objects: old plastic bottles, bleach and water. Designed and developed by MIT students in the US, the Bulb works on the principles of appropriate technology, which essentially provides technological options that are simple, environmentally sound and locally controlled.


Working together makes the job that much easier (and more fun).

The outing was another step towards realising MyShelter Foundation’s vision in making San Juan the first Solar Bottle Bulb city in Metro Manila. QI and RYTHM Foundation are proud to be their partners in making this dream come true, a dream that is in line with the pillars of RYTHM. Through A Liter of Light, QI employees have earned a valuable skill that can help those less fortunate to reap the benefits of a green source of light.


Lighting up one neighbourhood at a time!


More about MyShelter Foundation

Established by Illac Diaz, the Foundation aims to create a sustainable system through projects that build capabilities and generate employment. The organisation has brought to the Philippines revolutionary social enterprises, appropriate technology, and alternative construction. It has also pioneered projects, such as the Pier One Seafarer’s Dormitory, the Design Against the Elements (DAtE) competition, and the Bottle School Project.


More about A Liter of Light

A Liter of Light is inspired by many innovations from around the world. Did you know many cultures have used glass bottles to allow lighting through the roof? Alfredo Moser from Brazil pioneered methods of experimenting with plastic bottles. The Philippine model is a little different, yet the difference it makes to the lives of locals, is huge.