RYTHM Foundation begins the Chinese New Year with a tradition of sharing through books

RYTHM Foundation begins the Chinese New Year with a tradition of sharing through books

Hong Kong: 22 February 2011 – The onset of the lunar New Year, popularly celebrated as the Chinese New Year is the most important festival for the Chinese people the world over. For RYTHM Foundation, the year of the rabbit marked the onset of a new tradition of giving and sharing in the QI family. Through a week-long campaign called ‘Share Books, Share Knowledge’ the Foundation helped the members of the QI Group’s Hong Kong office show that they care. Over 500 books in English and Chinese languages were collected by the employees of the HK office which were then donated by RF to libraries of orphanages, particularly the Better Nepal Foundation and Hong Kong Family Welfare Society.

These books go a long way in helping orphaned and underprivileged children around the world gain free access to knowledge. Special thanks to Quex Courier (HK) Ltd who sponsored the shipment of books to Nepal and RBS Coutts Bank Ltd Hong Kong Branch who donated six boxes of books. This compassionate effort initiated through RYTHM Foundation has indeed brought smiles to the faces of many young underprivileged children.


In the words of Vijay Eswaran, the founder and principal trustee of RYTHM Foundation: “Giving knowledge to others is the long-term true wealth that you can give which cannot be taken away from you and can also be paid forward to many generations ahead.


“RYTHM Foundation will continue this campaign to promote a tradition of sharing

of knowledge with those who need it.

If you wish to make a book donation or need more information about the campaign, contact Amanda Chiu, Programme Manager, at 2263 9310 or email at amanda.chiu@rythmfoundation.org. Share books. Share knowledge. We care to make a difference.


About Better Nepal Foundation

Since its inception in 2005, Better Nepal Foundation has been a strategic partner of RYTHM Foundation for community empowerment programmes. Better Nepal Foundation (BNF) is a non-profit social welfare organisation established in year 2003 to help the poor and needy people in Nepal. The Foundation was, founded by Mr Emmanuel Kurian, who had the desire to help the less fortunate people within the country, including children (both orphans and street children) as well as abused women and the disabled. At present, there are two projects run by Better Nepal Foundation: an orphanage, and a vocational training centre called the Better Nepal Women Empowerment (BNFWE).

About Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society is a charitable non-government social welfare organisation, serving families and individuals in Hong Kong over 60 years since its establishment in 1949. The Society has initiated a variety of experimental and innovative services to meet the needs arising in the country, including Integrated Family Services, Integrated Children and Youth Services, Elderly and Community Support Services, Child Care Services, Special Services, and so on. The Society will continuously collaborate with government departments and business corporations to promote harmonious family relationships and a caring community in Hong Kong.