RYTHM Foundation 2nd Year Walk for Life Charity

RYTHM Foundation 2nd Year Walk for Life Charity

Hong Kong: 13 March 2011 – For the second year in a row and in line with the QNet Pays Forward Initiative, RYTHM Foundation (RF), together with 18 QNet staff and 40 Hong Kong Independent Representatives (IRs) from the ‘We Are One’ and ‘Everest’ Teams, gathered and took part in the annual healthcare charity fundraising event in Hong Kong called Island Scout Trailwalk cum Walk for Life 2011.

The programme, which consists of four types of routes pegged at varying participation/donation amounts each, encourages individuals or organisations to vie for awards of highest amount of donation (Individual and Organisation), as well as for the team with the most number of participants. More than 2,000 people from corporate and the public and private sectors participated in the event.

Both RYTHM and QNet delegation received excellent donor and participant support from the QNet Hong Kong office as well as the Operations Development Team, whilst IRs’ spirits were equally strong as the team decided to take the Walk for Life Route, a 6 km hike from Pok Fu Lam to the peak.


A resulting total donation amounting to HKD 21,880 was raised by RYTHM and QNet for HKACS initiatives.



The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society (HKACS)

The HKACS is the oldest anti-cancer non-profit making organisation in Hong Kong. It has always been at the forefront of fighting against cancer and is committed to serving the people of Hong Kong. In addition to the HKACS Jockey Club Cancer Rehabilitation Centre which provides a one-stop medical and rehabilitation services to cancer patients, the HKACS also organises various activities to raise awareness of cancer, such as cancer education, cancer research, and developing guidelines for cancer detection and prevention. HKACS also provides direct financial support for cancer patients in need. For more information, visit www.hkacs.org.hk.