QNET Russia Organise Beauty Day For Mothers At The Mercy Center

QNET Russia Organise Beauty Day For Mothers At The Mercy Center

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, celebrated on 8 March 2019, QNET Russia employees got together to help the mothers who are caring for their children at the Mercy Centre with a day of pampering. Mercy Centre is a hospital that provides rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy.

These mothers visit their children at the Centre daily to facilitate and support the children’s rehabilitation process, as the Centre helps train the children to become independent and adaptive to the world. Often, these mothers are too busy taking care of the children that they forget to take care of themselves. Thus, our volunteers planned a day of pampering to help them relax and destress.

On the event day, our volunteers gathered early at Mercy Centre to assist the beauticians from the appointed salons to set up their manicure, massage and hairdressing equipment at the Centre.

A delicious spread of tea-time snacks, fruits, and cakes was also set up for the mothers to savour while enjoying their pampering session. While the mothers were having a much-deserved pampering session, our volunteers helped to clear the snow piled at the Centre’s front grounds. Our volunteers also helped to clean and vacuum the Centre’s facilities.

A volunteer Irina Polyakova said she was glad that she could be a part of this meaningful experience.

“Mothers from this Centre have very little time for themselves and we hope we have given them some relief from their hectic lives to rest and feel good. As the saying goes, a happy mom equals a happy child,” she added.

At the end of the event, each mom received flowers and a natural cosmetic beauty set as a token of appreciation for their sacrifices.

An employee of the Mercy Centre expressed her gratitude to QNET Russia employees for bringing a ray of sunshine and an atmosphere full of joy to the hospital.

“Thank you for the flowers, snacks and most importantly, the care. We are grateful that such aid and assistance continue to exist in our society today as this gives hope to the parents who are caring for their children at the hospital. These parents need the care, physical and emotional support too,” she said.


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