QNET Indonesia Celebrates War Veterans

QNET Indonesia Celebrates War Veterans

A staff social responsibility (SSR) activity was organised by QNET Indonesia on the 26th of March. The activity, aimed to promote care and appreciation for the services of war veterans, saw over 7 employees participating in the initiative.

QNET Indonesia felt that it was important for its employees to reflect on the contribution of these amazing bunch of warriors towards their nation. Without them, Indonesia wouldn’t be what it is today, neither would they have gained national sovereignty. For that, they have these warriors to thank.

In collaboration with the nonprofit ‘Friends of the Veterans’ organisation which focuses on the welfare of veterans, QNET Indonesia employees supported the initiative through various activities. They distributed goodie bags, had meals, held conversations, served and entertained the veterans throughout the duration of the activity.

Wita Dahlan, Corporate Communications Manager of QNET Indonesia said that through this activity, they were able to listen to insightful stories on struggle in various wars. This helped shape their opinion and view on how these people defended Indonesia so that the future generation can live comfortable lives. QNET Indonesia aims to raise awareness by shedding further light on the plight of these veterans.

Chairperson of the CSR Committee, Nurul Hikmalya has stated intentions to conduct similar activities in other cities. As Nurul has said, “Because of them, there is Indonesia. Because of them, we are here. These veterans are actually, our parents.”

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