QNET Hong Kong raised funds for senior citizens on Flag Day

It is definitely an eye opener for foreigners and tourists alike to witness Flag Day, an officially recognized public day event by the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong where charitable organizations, through their volunteers are allowed to solicit donations from the public.

Seeing the significance of this day, a group of 11 passionate volunteers from QNET Hong Kong took the opportunity to reach out and to raise funds for Senior Citizen Home Safety Association, a self-financing social enterprise and charitable organization which offers 24-hour personal caring and emergency assistance to the elderly and others in need.

The volunteers began early at 7:45am where all were dressed up in their RYTHM Foundation t-shirt complete with “small flags” and donation bags. In the past, the real small flags will be distributed to donors in return for their kind gesture, but it has since been replaced by small stickers, which bears the name and logo of the beneficiary. The fundraising activity took place within the vicinity of Tsim Tsa Tsui for 4 hours and managed to attract a lot of generous donors.

Terry Cheng who is from part of the volunteers said, “There were many kind people around us, some pedestrians would come to us directly and brought flags even before I asked them to do so. We should also take the initiative to care more about our society and people”.