QI Thailand Organised An Education Day At Mercy Centre Thailand

QI Thailand Organised An Education Day At Mercy Centre Thailand

QI Thailand employees gave children at the Mercy Centre, Klong Toey an exciting time filled with fun activities during their visit to the Home recently. Our volunteers entertained the children with interesting educational games and got them to participate in a number of basic life skills training.

Mercy Centre and the Human Development Foundation founded in 1972 by Father Joseph Maier, serves as a safe house for children living in the Klong Toey slums, who are easy victims of drug addiction, violence, child trafficking and other social problems. Majority of the children aged 10 to 15 years old do not have access to proper education since their families lack the financial capacity to send them to school.

Our volunteers started the day by gathering at the Centre for a briefing by Father Joseph. The children then gathered for a basic English lesson to help them improve their communication skills. The activity was followed by a computer skills session, in which they were taught how to browse the internet and use Microsoft Word and Excel. The kids were very excited to learn as much as they could.

The day continued with a wholesome lunch served by our volunteers for all the 150 children. Additionally, a DIY shampoo and soap workshop was carried out by our volunteers to help cultivate better hygiene practices among the kids. Towards the end of the event, our volunteers and children played fun games and entertained each other in a joyful and fun atmosphere.

The kids were extremely happy as they felt this Staff Social Responsibility (SSR) activity was very meaningful and educational. They were also excited about the possibility of our volunteers returning for another activity visit.

Our volunteers said that they were grateful for the wonderful time spent with the children and hoped that they were able to share their love and care so that the kids would feel like they belong in a community.

RYTHM Foundation strongly believes that every child in any society deserves access to education to enable them to improve themselves and the community around them. Hence, this activity was one that was carried out with this goal in mind.

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