QI Hong Kong Staff volunteer at Spring Charity Barefoot Walk

QI Hong Kong Staff volunteer at Spring Charity Barefoot Walk

Twenty-one QI Hong Kong Staff recently volunteered at the Spring Charity Barefoot Walk organised by the World Vision Foundation at Clearwater Bay Hold & Country Club. The walk was aimed at raising funds for South Sudanese children and their families.

QI volunteers helped out at the registration counter, water distribution booth, as well as crowd control, after a briefing session conducted by a World Vision Hong Kong representative.

The barefoot walk allowed participants to experience a 4km journey without shoes on, to “experience” the displacement of South Sudanese children. Funds raised in this event will go to support World Vision’s integrated health and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects in South Sudan that aims to assist children and families in need.

Funds raised from last year’s Walk have gone directly to humanitarian projects in South Sudan to provide displaced children and families with emergency food relief, sanitation facilities and agricultural development support. About 10,000 people have benefited from the programme.

Since 2013, the ongoing conflict in South Sudan has thrown its people into a severe food crisis, forcing 3.9 million people to leave their homes, including 2 million displaced within the country. The conflict and extreme climate affected both people’s lives and agriculture, with as many as 6 million people across the country suffering from a lack of food.

One of the volunteers, Stephen So, said the barefoot walk was a real experience of the daily lives of kids in underprivileged communities in many countries around the world. “This charity walk is very meaningful as we are also able to contribute to their wellbeing,” he said.