It was a labour of love and devotion showcased by RYTHM’s volunteers from Prana Hotels and Resorts when they took the initiative to organise a clean-up activity at Wat Plai Laem Temple in Koh Samui recently.


Wat Plai Laem, a Buddhist temple located about 3 kilometres from Prana Hotels and Resorts serves as place of worship for devotees and also an important tourist destination. Therefore, the volunteers’ help came in at an appropriate time for a reboot.

Equipped with the cleaning tools, 40 volunteers went above and beyond to make sure that every section of the temple was taken care of. It was also an exemplary display of camaraderie between the staff which made it possible for the activity to completed under 4 hours. As a result, the temple was transformed squeaky clean.

According to volunteer Tharathep Chupetch, it was meaningful day as everyone played a part to clean up and preserve the beauty of the temple. “Each of us may be tired but it was our way of giving back to the community,” he added.

This SSR activity was one of the many SSR activities initiated by volunteers under RYTHM Foundation.