No Man is an Island

No Man is an Island

Jakarta, Indonesia, 3 December, 2013 – True to the saying that “no man is an island”, RYTHM Foundation together with QNET Indonesia celebrated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, 2013 by sharing their love and kindness with the extraordinary children of the Rawinala Special Education Foundation in East Jakarta.

The term ‘Rawinala’ originates from ancient Javanese language and means ‘Light of the Heart’. The center is a place for children with profound disabilities and complex needs such as visual impairment (blindness or low vision) with the addition of hearing impairment, developmental delay, physical disabilities, autism, and other disabilities.

Our team of noble volunteers chose the perfect day to drop by because on that day, all sixty-five students were scheduled to have a class on arts and crafts where they were asked to make their own Christmas decorations. In the Christmas spirit of giving, QNET distributed to the children, goody bags containing fun stuff such as fancy coloured paper, and other crafty tools, as materials for their masterpiece. The class was filled with giggles and excitement of these young ones who were eager to start working on their projects.

Our volunteers teamed up with the teachers to guide the children with their creations, which later were used to decorate the school’s Christmas trees. As part of the QNET Pays Forward (QNPF) programme, we also surprised the students and teachers with a brand new computer that they could use as a learning tool.

Overall, it turned out to be a special day for both QNET volunteers and the children at the center, because the event truly brought about a realisation that every human being in this world is connected, and our existence in this world is only possible with the help of another.