Maharani Programme Training the Trainers (Phase 1 Module)

Maharani Programme Training the Trainers (Phase 1 Module)

The success of any personal development programme depends significantly on the capabilities and commitment of its trainers. At RYTHM Foundation, we rely on our trainers to help us successfully implement the Maharani Programme. To ensure the trainers are fully equipped to support and train the young girls who participate in Maharani, the Foundation conducts a comprehensive Training of Trainers (TOT) sessions each year. The TOT is conducted in 3 phases. The first TOT for 2019 was completely recently in Petaling Jaya, and two more are planned for September and December.

A total of 20 trainers participated in the first Maharani TOT which was held as a three-day-two-night camp. The Camp aimed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the different modules of Maharani and to equip them with facilitation skills to conduct the programme with confidence.

The participants came from various organizations such as Pintar Foundation, Malaysian Care, Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) and Yayasan Chow Kit which are partners of RYTHM Foundation for the Maharani programme.  The selection criteria for the participants included among others, a passion for community service, experience of working or volunteering in youth programmes and the commitment to adhere to programme policies including to maintain the confidentiality of the programme participants at all times.

The TOT was mainly conducted by four programme managers from RYTHM Foundation, and they were supported by one officer from YWCA and two others from Pertubuhan Perkhidmatan Sosial and Pembangunan Komuniti as the rapporteur, facilitator and coordinator.  The training module included topics such as Identity, Goal Setting, Vision Board, Gender, Body Image and Reproductive Health, Ethnicity and Culture, Relationship Management as well as Teaching Technics and Presentation Skills.

Zainurazrein Zainal Abidin (Azrein), a Senior Officer of Programme Development and Management from Pintar Foundation was glad that programs such as Maharani exist.

“The Maharani Programme is very good as it specifically caters to young girls from marginalized communities. It is important to nurture these girls because girls with dreams can become women with a vision,” said Azrein.

Another participant from Yayasan Chow Kit, Ira Shahira praised the modules and topics in the Maharani programme.  She found that they are very useful for her organization’s youth programme which works closely with stateless children.

Earlier this year, RYTHM Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with YWCA Kuala Lumpur, which will implement the Maharani Programme as part of their curriculum for young girls who attend YWCA workshops and skills training classes. Another NGO, Pintar Foundation has also shown interest to introduce and promote the Maharani programme to national schools through their school adoption programme.  RYTHM Foundation plans to work with more NGOs and partners to implement the Maharani programme nationwide in Malaysia.

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