Maharani Graduates Set To Take On The World

Maharani Graduates Set To Take On The World

The 2019 batch of 400 girls from economically disadvantaged families celebrated their graduation on November 13, 2019 and ready to take on the challenges that come their way as they create their future.

The Maharani programme by RYTHM Foundation aims to provide a support system and a safe space for young adolescent girls, aged 11 to 16 through a series of Empowerment Camps and a Learning Lab.

The Programme incorporates a combination of physical activities, interactive workshops and vocational training to help the girls develop their soft skills, educate them about hygiene, gender and sexuality. It also provides computer training, creative skill development programmes and athletics training.

RYTHM Foundation Chairperson, Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran who presented the certificates to our programme participants said all girls are born strong, but society and cultural practices often limit their personal growth.

“Adolescence is an age of opportunity and a pivotal time in their life when they develop certain habits and impressions. Our aim is to give these girls a platform to express themselves and explore their potential,” she said.

“Through Maharani, our educators and facilitators help them develop the self-confidence to navigate risks and vulnerabilities in their life and make the choices that will set them on a path to becoming confident young women,” she added.

The Maharani programme, initiated in Malaysia by RYTHM Foundation in 2010, has helped over 7,500 girls from poor and marginalised communities. It provides the girls, aged 13 to 16, with the skills and knowledge to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Through the Maharani programme, girls learn about gender, sexual and reproductive health; ethnicity; culture, and the importance of physical and spiritual wellness.

This gives them the tools to develop into confident, responsible and civic-minded women and members of society. The programme involves a camp conducted over three phases and a Learning Lab where a strong foundation is built for the girls to embrace their future in more positive ways.

RYTHM Foundation hopes to introduce the Maharani Programme in Government schools as part of the curriculum and encourage more partnership from the corporate sector.

The event held at SRJK(T) Mahathma Gandhi Kalasalai was also attended by teachers, parents and Qi Group directors.



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