From a refugee perspective: QNET Hong Kong joins World Vision’s 30-hour Famine

How does it feel to experience hunger while facing unpredictable challenges in the midst of escaping from crisis and war-torn home?

A total of 40 volunteers from QNET Hong Kong had the first-person experience as refugees when they took part in the ’30-Hour Famine’ event organized by World Vision in Aberdeen Sports Ground, Hong Kong in 8th April 2018.

Living up to the theme, the volunteers also abstained themselves from food and drinks while taking part in the workshop which began at 9am and ended at 5pm. The workshop was designed to simulate activities and challenges faced by the refugees in the camp. The participants were given the task to prepare the livelihood package right from collecting the goods, selling of raw materials to exchanging of food.

“This was a meaningful event that I would recommend joining again next year. It reminds those who live in an affluent city like us that there are people in this world who are struggling for the very basic needs for survival, such as food and clothing. We should feel blessed and not take it for granted that we are living in a safe city,” said Alfred Cheung, one of the volunteers.

The funds raised during the Famine 30-hour event were channelled to aid children and families affected by the conflict in Syria, South Sudan and Myanmar.

Another volunteer, Lawrence Poon added, “By participating in this event as a volunteer has provided me with a new perspective on the needs of refugees and the hungry. We only experienced a tiny fraction of what they have to endure every day.”