Empowering Young Girls To Be Agents Of Change In Their Communities

Empowering Young Girls To Be Agents Of Change In Their Communities

Having been with the Maharani programme for four years, Shamita is confident that she is inching closer to her dream of becoming a successful Ophthalmologist. ‘My father’s dream is that I would one day grow up to become an Ophthalmologist. Initially, I wanted to become a teacher, but now, I want nothing more than to make my father’s dream come true.

Although her father runs his own business, Shamita’s family has experienced their fair share of financial struggles. “My father owns a tyre shop, but the business is not doing well. I think maybe because of the financial struggles that we’re facing, he’s much more motivated now to give me a better future. I think that’s why he’s so keen on pushing me to the path of becoming an Ophthalmologist.”

Shamita first came to know of the Maharani program when, Ms Barathy Devi, the Project Manager of the programme, came to her primary school to deliver a talk. “Ms Barathy explained about the tremendous potential that a girl has and instilled in me the belief that girls like us can aspire to achieve greatness to be anything we dream of in the future. I became inspired and decided to join the Maharani programme.

“My first camp was the 3-days and 2-nights Maharani camp held in Kompleks Infoternak, Ladang Dovenby. I learned about the concept of girls empowerment and the necessary things that we have to do to equip ourselves with the right skills to be successful. I was very impressed that RYTHM Foundation is providing these classes for free to underprivileged young girls in Malaysia.”

From the many skills and character-building activities introduced during the Maharani programme, her favourite activity is baking. Shamita also added, “I find some physical activities particularly challenging. One example is the obstacle course that all of us have to participate in during the camp. But I know that with consistent and frequent training, it’ll eventually be easier. I want to thank all of the facilitators and organisers of the Maharani program for building my courage and character”.

RYTHM Foundation’s Maharani Programme consists of a series of holistic training camps aimed at empowering young girls between the age of 13 to 16 with the knowledge and skills to reach their full potential. In return, the participants are expected to contribute to the wellbeing of their community by being agents of change to make a difference and improve the lives of others around them.

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