RYTHM Foundation Sponsors E-Readers and Digital Books for Underprivileged Girls in Ghana

RYTHM Foundation (RF), through its partnership with Worldreader, funded an e-reader project for Achievers Ghana by sponsoring 50 Kindle e-readers immaculately pre-loaded with 100 books. The concept here was instead of setting up libraries and filling them with physical books, these custom-designed e-readers would provide more flexibility and mobility for

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RYTHM Foundation helps QNET pay it forward in Dushanbe

Tajikistan, January, 2015 – In Tajikistan, disability is stigmatised and children are sent to state institutions or hidden away at home. Indeed, social attitudes and stigma plays a significant role in limiting the possibilities for children with special educational needs, here. Over 125,000 people are registered as special needs in Tajikistan, 19,000

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