Catching up with Masyithoh Kindergarten in Indonesia

Yogyakarta, Indonesia – It’s hard to believe that Masyithoh Kindergarten, a place of such innocence and joy, was once devastated by disaster.  When a major earthquake struck Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 27 May 2006, it claimed 5,716 lives and wounded 39,000 people. Homes, schools and buildings were severely damaged. Coincidentally, construction had

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Bringing light, love and hope at Christmas

Indonesia, 17 December 2011 – During the festive month of December, QNet staff from the Jakarta office brought Christmas cheer to the children of the ‘Sinar Kasih Harapan’ home. It was part of the company’s monthly initiatives to raise themselves to help mankind. The name of the home means ‘Light Love Hope’, which

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Mangrove Reforestation in Semarang

Semarang, Indonesia, 7 October 2011 – Mangrove degradation is a serious issue that impacts the environment, as well as the surrounding community. The degradation of a shoreline affects the livelihoods of farmers and fishermen. Some of the causes include coastal erosion and climate change. 3,000 mangrove seedlings ready to be planted.

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