Bringing light, love and hope at Christmas

Bringing light, love and hope at Christmas

Indonesia, 17 December 2011 – During the festive month of December, QNet staff from the Jakarta office brought Christmas cheer to the children of the ‘Sinar Kasih Harapan’ home. It was part of the company’s monthly initiatives to raise themselves to help mankind.

The name of the home means ‘Light Love Hope’, which is what founder and Good Samaritan, Mr. Aven, tries to give to its 15 young residents. Mostly between the ages of 7 and 18, these children come from underprivileged families in Nias, a small island that has been ravaged three times by earthquakes and tsunamis in just five years.

Mr. Aven explained that the children were not given the chance to attend school until recently, when a group of women came to their aid and enrolled them in schools.

Living conditions are basic in this modest home, with scarcely any furniture, let alone a Christmas tree. So when QNet staff showed up bearing lots of gifts, the children’s reaction was priceless. Their little faces expressed surprise and then sheer joy at the sight of biscuits, toys, books, sports stuff, and last but not least, a Christmas tree!


Surprise! It’s a Christmas tree!

The children were also presented with ornaments that they put to good use as decorations for the tree and the home. QNet staff had heart-to-heart chats with the children about Christmas, brotherhood, and school. After that came more surprises – toys, candies and games! That was the perfect time for employees to highlight the importance of sharing and tolerance.

Then came time for the kids to surprise the staff – they formed a line and began to serenade staff with Christmas carols!


Little angels singing for the staff.

Their angelic voices brought mixed emotions; it was touching, yet bittersweet to watch these young ones spend Christmas so far from home, away from their loved ones. Hopefully the humble celebration and the Christmas tree brought some light, love and hope to the children during this special time.


Christmas is the perfect time for sharing.