Adopt-A-School Revisited

Adopt-A-School Revisited

Pasig City, Philippines, 8 September 2012 –Emulating the values that the RYTHM Foundation stands for, QI Philippines joined the parents, students and faculty of Pinagbuhatan High School in Pasig, Metro Manila to clean up and rehabilitate classrooms and other facilities that were affected by the flood brought about by the heavy monsoon rains in August.

The facilities located at the ground floor of the school including 26 classrooms were submerged in waist deep water. After the flood receded, the ground floor of the school was strewn with mud and debris rendering the classrooms unfit to be used by the students.


Classroom after the clean-up of ground floor.

After the flood, the principal of Pinagbuhatan High School decided to transfer those classes held at the ground floor to other classrooms in the building that were not affected by the flood. Due to limited classrooms, the school was forced to conducted classes that were shortened to forty five minutes. Also, other than classes in the morning and afternoon, the school had to conduct another class in the evening.

The situation not only strained the school’s resources, it also affected their quality of teaching. Something needed to be done to and it needed to be done soon.


Volunteer cleaning the walls.

Subsidiaries of QIGroup, namely, QPlus/QNET, QiComm and V Global were equally represented during this activity. The volunteers scrubbed the dried mud from the classroom’s floor, walls, windows and doors. The chairs were cleaned by the teachers, students and their parents before returning them inside the classrooms.

The teamwork and cooperation of all the volunteers that day made the difference. It is through the spirit of RYTHM that such an endeavor was possible as the volunteers pushed themselves beyond their physical limits to help their brothers and sisters in need and the community as well. This endeavour falls under one of the four pillars of the RYTHM Foundation, namely education.


Hard at work.

Mr. Cesar Basilio, the Brigada Eskwela Head for Pinagbuhatan High School, was thankful to QI Philippines and the volunteers for helping them in this worthy cause. He informed us that in spite of the flood that affected the school, Pinagbuhatan High School was still ranked number one in the large school category of Brigada Eskwela.


Happy faces of volunteers during the clean-up.