A day of joy for Mahamek boys

A day of joy for Mahamek boys


Bangkok, 10 June 2012 – It was a sunny Sunday morning, but not just any morning for 36 staff from the QI Bangkok office. As part of their CSR initiatives, QI Thailand staff spent half a day at the Mahamek Home for Boys located in the Narathiwas District of Bangkok. This humble home provides care for underprivileged, disabled, orphaned and abandoned boys aged between four and 18 years old.

Arriving in “We Care” shirts, the Bangkok staff were warmly welcomed by one hundred boys in the main hall area. Although shy, the boys’ eyes sparkled with excitement, as they were eager to mingle and make new friends.


The MCs for the day started the event by greeting the boys and inviting them to participate in the first game: “Test Your Luck”. The boys were divided into ten groups and each group had to pick their favourite number between 1 and 20. The MCs then announced that the groups who had chosen the odd numbers did not qualify to go on to the second round.

Next, the groups that did pass the first round had to draw their favourite animal on pieces of papers with different coloured pens. The boys who picked the pink and purple pens were thrilled to hear they had won the second round. These lucky boys then joined the next step with the game of ‘musical chairs’. After the music stops in each round, they had to quickly compete for a seat to win. After playing a few rounds, four finalists received gifts from General Manager, Thitikorn Chintavalakorn.


During the break, banana cake and fruit juice were given to the boys for an energy boost before the next outdoor activity – a football match between the team of QI Thailand staff and the Mahamek team! The QI players were amazed at the talent of the young footballers who played like professionals. After the adrenaline-pumping action on the field, the winners were awarded milk chocolate gold coins, while the “non-winners” received candies!

Apart from providing fun, exciting games and sports activities, the Bangkok staff also distributed notebooks and basic necessities to the boys. Some of them even asked staff to sign names on their notebooks for a keepsake of this wonderful day! All Bangkok staff were very happy to have brought so many smiles to the kids’ faces, and many hoped to be able to visit again. With a bit of love, patience and belief, we can all help those less fortunate than us.