Staff Social Responsibility

Staff Social Responsibility

The QI Group’s philanthropic activities are an inherent part of the fundamentals on which the company has been built on.

The company believes strongly that giving back to the community is not just the prerogative of the corporate foundation and inculcates within its employees the spirit of giving back to the community.

The Foundation works closely with the employees of the QI Group and involves them in its various initiatives.

Programme Evaluation

The Foundation is exploring ways to be more deliberate in how it obtains feedback over time.

This approach will likely include actively seeking objective feedback from applicants, grantees and other community stakeholders.  It is also likely that at least a portion of this feedback will be obtained through third parties to promote candor in responses and objectivity in their evaluation.  The Foundation may also convene volunteer community advisors in priority funding areas periodically to help refine strategy and direction, and suggest course corrections as may be needed.

The evaluation of its activities and supported programmes will allow for the Foundation to respond to ongoing and current issues and concerns regarding levels of effectiveness, relevance and sustainability.