RYTHM Foundation Empowers Women in Rural Communities in India through Skills Training Projects

RYTHM Foundation Empowers Women in Rural Communities in India through Skills Training Projects

RYTHM Foundation has recently partnered with the Parinaama Foundation in India to  implement a series of skills development programs for women from underprivileged communities in an effort to help them become and be the agents of change in their local communities.

The year-long program was launched in February 2018 in Bihar, Odisha and Jharkhand and will soon be rolled out in other parts if India.  A number of workshops focussing on skills development, promoting sustainable livelihood and educating women on health and hygiene have already started earlier this year.

In Bihar, women from poor rural communities participated in health talks that provided them with information on reducing the level of childhood mortality by giving them information on preventable health conditions among children especially diarrhea, as well as other common illnesses. The campaign achieved success with active on-ground participation of health representatives in the community, promoting awareness about sanitation and personal hygiene.

In Odisha, women from poor communities received skills development training under the garment microenterprise initiative to empower them to generate income and improve their livelihood.  The tailoring classes were also open to men and many young people, who were given awareness and education on livelihood options besides farming in the villages of Balangir and Sonepur.

Meanwhile, in Jharkhand and Madhubani district in Bihar, women received education on mushroom cultivation to tackle malnourishment and improve income potential of poor households. In the tribal community in Ranchi, women from the community took proactive roles and participated in human resources and infrastructure establishment, training and recruitment of trainees, raw material procurement and technical content preparation.

Through these projects, RYTHM Foundation is confident that women in the communities will be empowered to improve their livelihood and spread awareness of change to the communities around them. RYTHM Foundation is committed to continue to improve the lives of the needy around the world through similar partnerships that will enable us to reach out to individuals or groups who are in much need of assistance.

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