RYTHM Foundation aid for Pakistan flood victims

RYTHM Foundation aid for Pakistan flood victims

Bangkok: 13 September 2010 – Hong Kong-based RYTHM Foundation today donated USD 40,000(Rupees 3.4 million) to aid flood victims in Pakistan. The money went directly to the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme’s (WFP) Floods in Pakistan project.

RYTHM Foundation is the international Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of QNet, a global direct selling company. Announcing this, the Foundation’s Trustee, Richard Zinkiewicz, said the Foundation would continue to raise much-needed funds for the project, with a target of USD 300,000 in total donations hoped to be raised through a global in-house effort leveraging on QNet’s website, blog, intranet, mass emails and other social media channels for maximum exposure. “The calamity in Pakistan has touched our management and staff around the world.

We are concerned for our colleagues and friends in Pakistan and feel strongly that we have to provide the country with immediate assistance, especially to overcome food shortages. “In the long term, we hope to raise a total of USD 300,000 for them,” he said. Mr Zinkiewicz said QNet had a history of providing charitable aid and disaster relief in countries as far apart as the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Haiti, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Uganda among others. “Recognising this, the Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS) recently recognised QNet as a ‘Caring Company’ for the third consecutive year due to its CSR work carried out through RYTHM Foundation,” he said.

The Pakistan floods have so far left more than six million people in need of emergency aid. WFP is leading the Logistics and Emergency Telecommunications Clusters, which provides support services to the humanitarian community at operational hubs in Islamabad, Peshawar, Sukkur and Multan. “Being on the ground and in the thick of the rescue efforts, we feel that the WFP is the most appropriate body to channel assistance through at this point in time, as speed is critical,” Mr Zinkiewicz said.


Below is the appreciation letter from WFP: