Community Wellbeing

Disaster Relief, Global

Since our very inception, RYTHM Foundation has supported recovery efforts and aided in providing disaster relief for various natural disasters happening globally. This includes Typhoon Ondoy and the floods in Philippines, the Padang Earthquake in Indonesia, the monsoon flooding in Pakistan and the Tsunami that hit Southeast Asia not long

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Coastal Cleanups, Global

In recognising the need to preserve and protect the earth’s vital natural resources, RYTHM Foundation has always tried to support environment conservation activities. With the help of the QI Group’s employees, the Foundation has carried out coastal clean-up activities in various countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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Mangrove Reforestation, Indonesia

As part of a joint effort between RYTHM Foundation and the Biota Foundation, QI employees in Indonesia travelled to the coastal area of Mangunharjo in Central Java to participate in a reforestation project. This western part of Semarang has been affected by mangrove degradation since 1986. A total of 3,000

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