Community Development

Nao Lam Secondary School, Laos

Many communities in Laos are still living in remote and isolated areas, with only the most rudimentary infrastructure. While education is a key factor in poverty reduction and sustainable development, in a country like Laos, the obstacles for effective basic education are often insufficient classrooms, lack of textbooks, supplies, teaching

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RYTHM Libraries, India

Together with the Avalokiteśvara Trust, RYTHM Foundation and QNET have embarked on a joint venture in building RYTHM libraries in 15 rural schools in the Ladakh region of the country, which lacks facilities for educational support. In 2011, Abhigya Shukla an Ahmedabad-based designer and educator moved to Ladakh after initial

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Better Nepal Foundation, Nepal

Children are one of the core beneficiaries of RYTHM Foundation’s projects; we strongly believe that they are one of the most important assets of the world – and the most vulnerable too. With this in mind, we have committed to supporting the education of 21 children residing at the Better

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