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RYTHM Foundation Changes Lives for the Taguig Community

Taguig, Philippines: 17 October 2008 – Hundreds of children in the village of Taguig in the Philippines are being fed, clothed and schooled through a long-term project initiated by RYTHM Foundation that aims to eliminate poverty in the squatter community. While the children of this village are a primary focus, the

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RYTHM Foundation Continues to Bring Hope to Acehnese Students

Indonesia: 24 June 2007 – For the third year in a row, RYTHM Foundation has brought inspiration and hope to the victims of the December 2004 Asian Tsunami by providing scholarships to Acehnese students.Aceh and Yogyakarta, Indonesia, were revisited by RYTHM Foundation Trustee Mr Bernhard Mayer, QuestNet Indonesia Business Development Manager

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RYTHM Foundation Tsunami Housing Project

Thailand: 30 April 2007 – A proactive initiative funded by RYTHM Foundation has seen more than 40 houses built in Tsunami – affected areas since November 2006. The hard work of many and the funding by RYTHM Foundation have resulted in shelter and comfort for many Thais who were left shattered

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