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Flagship programme: Maharani - RYTHM Foundation

Above and Beyond Limitations

Throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations. It is important for us to ensure that our girls are empowered to grow into confident, strong young women who become a formidable force for good. Adolescence is a challenging and vulnerable phase of life, especially for young girls who need to adapt to physical, emotional, and social changes, as they transition from childhood to adulthood. This is especially hard for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, increasing their risk of unfavourable experiences.

The award-winning Maharani programme, initiated by RYTHM Foundation in 2010 has helped over 8000 girls in Malaysia between the ages of 13 to 16 from poor and marginalised communities, providing skills and knowledge to enable them to identify and work towards their full potential. Through the Maharani programme, the girls learn about gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, ethnicity and culture, and the importance of physical and spiritual wellness, giving them the tools to develop into confident, responsible and civic-minded women.


The Maharani programme was established as part of QI’s Social Impact Initiative. The programme embraces some of the goals stated under the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly goal 4 which stresses upon providing quality education for all, and goal 5 which emphasizes on gender equality. The programme encourages girls to discover their strength and skills while enhancing their self-esteem. The Maharani programme strongly advocates the philosophy that every girl is born strong and should stay strong. The Maharani programme is the recipient of the JCI Sustainable Development Award 2020 under the category SDG 4 (Quality Education).

Our Objectives

Consisting of a three-phased camp and a Learning Lab (MLL), the Maharani programme aims to inspire and empower poor, marginalised and socially excluded girls and young women through the provision of skills and knowledge to enable them to identify and work towards their full potential & become responsible agents of change in their community.

Maharani Camp

The Maharani Camp is a holistic training programme which empowers girls between the ages of 13-16 years old to achieve their full potential. In return, they will contribute to the well-being of their community by being agents of change. It offers unique outbound experiences that encourage girls to discover their unique identity through self-discovery and reversal of limiting self-beliefs.These camps have been conducted in 12 locations throughout Malaysia.

Phase 1

Focuses On Self Discovery

This phase encourages participants to explore their individual identity and build their confidence and self-esteem.

Phase 2

Focuses On Being One With Nature

This phase educates them on how to appreciate nature, acquire basic survival skills and be stronger physically.

Phase 3

Focuses On Building The Capacity For Leadership

Participants will learn to recognise their own leadership potential and use effective communication skills to create change in order to serve their community.

Maharani Programme Impact


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Camp Organised

Maharani Learning Lab

The Maharani Learning Labs (MLLs) are aimed at providing a physical facility as a safe space for participants and non-participants of the Maharani Camps. This facility is intended to facilitate the participation of young women and girls in activities and expose them to experiences that will help them acquire skills and knowledge that are essential to making good and right choices in life. The first Maharani Learning Lab (MLL) was established in Sungai Siput, in Perak state in Malaysia in 2015, as an expansion of the Maharani programme. It essentially caters to girls from the poor minority communities of Tamil labourers, estate workers and daily wage earners. Secondary schools in Sungai Siput town are also actively engaged in Maharani Learning Lab programmes. Over 500 girls have benefited from MLL since its inception.

Footprints programme

The Footprints mentoring programme aims to match less fortunate adolescent girls with responsible and inspiring adults who mentor and enable a positive impact in the life of the adolescents. The Footprints mentoring programme was introduced by Dato' Sri Vijay Eswaran in September 2009 under the banner of QI Group. This programme is catered for teenage girls to overcome their weakness and be confident to face and resolve difficulties and challenges in their daily life. RYTHM sincerely believes that this comprehensive and integrated mentor-mentee approach will yield incredible return of investment in terms of positively developing the youth.

Maharani Partners

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