Dignity for Children

The World Bank and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization have recognised that good nutrition is a pre-condition for a healthy and productive life. Malnutrition in all of its forms imposes high economic, social and human development costs on individuals, households, communities and countries.

The Global Nutrition Report 2018 provided by the Independent Expert Group (IEG), which represents wide-ranging expertise from across the global nutrition community, reported that Malaysia was among 41 countries of the 141 reported which had three burdens of malnutrition – obesity, stunting and anaemia. In fact, Malaysia is the only member of Asean with all three of these burdens.

To tackle this challenge at its root, Dignity for Children Foundation works with poor children in Kuala Lumpur by providing them access to quality education and giving them the necessary tools to break the cycle of poverty.  RYTHM Foundation supports the Food Aid Program spearheaded by Dignity for Children, for students enrolled in their in pre-school education program. The Food Aid Program provides nutritious and healthy meals to these kids whose parents are either daily wage labourers or those involved in doing odd jobs without a steady income. Through this partnership, RYTHM Foundation has helped provide.  79 children between the ages of 4 to 6, who come from poor families in the Klang Valley area, with a regular hot meal each day.