Shaping Young Entrepreneurs Of Tomorrow

Indonesia, 8 July 2012 – Recently, another one of RYTHM Foundation’s initiatives became a reality as it extended it hands in making the world a better place for those less fortunate. This time, supported by QNET, a Smart Camp was organised by YBPN-SCC (Bakti Pemuda Nusantara Foundation – Smart Counseling Center)

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Saving rare fruit trees in Indonesia

Indonesia, 9 June 2012 – Driven by concern over the increasing scarcity of fruits native to Indonesia, QNET staff here participated in a tree-planting activity today by the Ciliwung River, Condet, Cililitan, East Jakarta. It was alarming that most QNET staff did not even recognise the names of the fruit trees that they worked

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Catching up with Masyithoh Kindergarten in Indonesia

Yogyakarta, Indonesia – It’s hard to believe that Masyithoh Kindergarten, a place of such innocence and joy, was once devastated by disaster.  When a major earthquake struck Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 27 May 2006, it claimed 5,716 lives and wounded 39,000 people. Homes, schools and buildings were severely damaged. Coincidentally, construction had

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