A Colourful Merdeka Celebration At Taarana School

A Colourful Merdeka Celebration At Taarana School

It was a fun and meaningful Merdeka celebration for our Taarana school students who celebrated Malaysia 62nd Independence Day with exciting activities and games.

The event kicked off with students singing the national anthem ‘Negaraku’ and other patriotic songs such as ‘Tanggal 31’ and ‘Jalur Gemilang’.

Students later had fun colouring the national flag and participated in a mini treasure hunt activity to find images of Malaysian traditional food and put together a Merdeka puzzle. The event ended with a photo session of the students and teachers of Taarana.

The teacher responsible for organising the event, Ms Thennarasi, was undoubtedly impressed with the kids’ eagerness to be involved in the games and activities that were organised.

“It can be challenging to have our students participate in hectic events such as this. They can get easily distracted by noise, people and the environment. We were definitely surprised when the kids gave it their all and participated actively in the games and activities of the event,” she said.

Ms Sivalamar, the principal of Taarana school was extremely pleased with how the event turned out.

“The best thing is that the students were involved in every step of the way in the preparation process for this event. The decorations that you can see here were all made by them.”